I, The All Monster
Fury’s Daughter

Brother!!! Come forth, for it is I who holds power enough maul your flesh break bones and suck em dry from its root!!! don’t act like you don’t remember me…nor try to patronize thee out of this!!! as coward as elder!!! come forth… You shall be consumed by the little daughter, a challenge I’ll prove thee unworthy, butchered you lay in front of me!!! COME OUT!!!! OR PLAY DEAD!!!!

I Remember As I’m Forgotten pt 2

This suffering only bliss it brings, my skin detaches from the flesh in a blaze of glory as I get to become what I always wanted… a supernova of redemption, not that I’m saved nor forgiven… but… the mere fact of pulling off all slavery would release me from what turned me asunder… into a groan, sang in a peaceful departure I burn away… forgotten… I remember what I’m dying for… and no regrets hits my memory only ashes will come of me, into nothing I’ll be in peace

I Remember As I’m Forgotten pt 1

I don’t remember… the feeling of the sun dancing over my skin, not the taste of wine running its taste trough my tongue, never realized…that simple pleasures could be missed in such a huge manner, nor the bore that privation craved…I don’t remember the name of my peers, not even the name of my children or mate…never appreciated what they brought into me… being a prisoner is my only memory… being a leech my only deed… Time to cease on mindless sensations… farewell… watch me fly within the bright

As She Did

And I saw what I wish I didn’t , the glance of a blade beheading her right before my eyes flesh swallowed by flames it crumbles away as ashes flakes… I realized there’s no bigger bliss than the freedom of dying… still I…felt a short period of sadness followed by roaring rage… Unchained the monster from its slumber… to mend trough heaps of ashes, to light this world ablaze just as she did.

Fear Me…

While you’re feast on each other I laugh

Neither a joke nor a funny act indeed… but… somehow… funny?

"Such sin is unforgivable!"

"The hunger!!!" father said… But… have I sinned!?

Yes… I have….

For cannibalism will cleanse us… and so he said… or… thought of it?

Ohhhhh HAHAHAHA!!!!

Let lust tear each other apart

To remain desirous for power

Beware… for I’m! a sinner too

And…watching you has made me… so hungry

To see you… play… my little muffins…

You, My Wormwood

Your foul odor lures me closer

Less matters which’s the price I’ll pay

Cause older than greed itself I am my friend

Yes… Drunk in power I returned

Needing more of what I took…

Your soul… I seek like bird of prey

And I… Found thee laid for me

Settled for a thousand years…

As I Welcome Thee


You’ve searched for quenching your thirst and long I waited…

Deep in my darkness, long in silence,  I stood there…

Not moving even an inch from where you left me…

Tonight I seek to quell mine…

It rises!!! this thirst is tenfold…

I’ll obey my needs for tonight you’ll be drained…